Four Bosses to Avoid Like the Plague

Four Bosses to Avoid Like the Plague

Bosses Day is today – October 17. If you have a great boss, let them know how much you appreciate them. Who knows, maybe they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness enough to add a little cushion to your holiday bonus.

And if you have a terrible boss… then it sucks to be you. Most of us have been in enough jobs to have had one in the past, so we know how bad it can be. Few things make going to the office day-after-day and week-after-week worse than a terrible boss. Here are a few types of bosses that you should do whatever you can to avoid.

The Narcissistic Boss

This boss thinks that everything is about them. He or she will strive to look and act perfectly in front of their superiors, but when they aren’t putting on a show, the claws come out. These bosses will sweet talk you to your face then steal all of your best ideas and pawn them off as their own. Watch out for the extreme version of this boss – The Sociopath.

The Idiotic Boss

This sad excuse for a boss got promoted to his or her current position because their dad owns the company, or the system just failed in a terrible, terrible way. This boss not only drains your energy level, but he or she also brings half-ass work to the higher-ups, which reflects poorly on you. Do whatever you can to get away from this dead-end boss, get a transfer to another department!

The Inappropriate Boss

This boss is one of the worst because he or she makes the workplace uncomfortable regularly. This is the boss who calls the girls sweetheart or slaps the guys on the butt or vice versa. He is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. If you have this boss, don’t be afraid of the system – report them as soon as possible. These days it’s not hard to be taken seriously, and more and more companies just won’t stand for it.

The Cruel Boss

Possibly the most demoralizing of all bosses is the one who is mean spirited for no reason. This boss gets off on making his or her employees feel small and invaluable. Don’t let your soul be crushed by a boss like this. Beat the fear and apply for a transfer, and in the meantime, try not to take it personally. You are much better off out of there, and ultimately they are going to hurt the whole company.

Your turn. Have you ever worked for one of these demon bosses? What nightmare boss did we leave off the list?