Why is it best to prefer apps to money transfer?

Money transferring has changed its mode in today’s world. Previously, people were only dependent upon banks for sending and receiving money. However, with the gradual passage of time and advancement of technology new methods came up. And today, one of the best ways to transfer money is through applications. The transfer is swift, easy, hassle – free and can be made anywhere anytime.

Benefits of using app for money transfer

People, these days are shifting more and more towards mobile banking services in general and apps in specific for their user-friendly interface. As recorded in 2009, there were 12 million people using this service. There are several reasons behind its increasing popularity which has been listed below:

  • Easy access to the service.
  • Ensures complete security of money transfer and further confirms through email or SMS.
  • You are in charge of your own money, starting from the amount you want to pay to someone or receive as a payment.
  • There is no need to rush to a bank, stand in a queue and then make a money transfer. A proper internet connection is enough for the purpose.
  • Midnight transactions and any other form of the emergency transaction have been made easy through these apps.
  • In case there is any transaction cancellation issue, the app ensures safe refund of the amount.

Some other features

Other than the ones that have already been mentioned, here are some more to the list that will elaborate upon why mobile apps are the best that can be used today:

  • Often there are times when while shopping online, your credit card gets declined. These are the times when apps like this appear as a savior.
  • There are practically hardly any limitations upon the money transfer via this mode. Any sort of transfer throughout the world has been made easy.
  • Take part in online auctions and purchase stuff without any worry and make payments smooth and quick.
  • These applications are absolutely free of cost. Unlike banks of money transferring organizations, these do not take an extra charge.
  • Also, provide discounts and cash back offers on specific transactions.
  • Password system enables you with added security.


PayPal is one of the oldest platforms to transfer money through the app. Everywhere PayPal’s bar code is available. It is one of the most popular apps for money transfer. With the world going cashless, PayPal has really created a sensation and has been in use by people from all age groups. Besides money transfer, it can also be used for paying bills, booking movie tickets etc.

Google Wallet

It is a U.S based company that lets its users allow to transfer money within the nation. The developers enable the users to keep the cash stored in the app wallet and use later or to pay for multiple transactions. They entirely take care of their customers, leaving them with no chance for grievance.


As the name suggests, Instarem or Instant Remittance is one of the largest platforms that helps in transfer of money globally without taking up much trouble or bearing a high cost. The expected delivery date for money arrival is never missed, and in the case of a fault in their system – they always ensure a full refund. This fintech company is based in Singapore and has several other offices throughout the globe. Their service is fast, smooth and free of complexities on the part of the sender.

A list of the leading apps has been provided for you to choose and pick out the one most convenient for you. Money remittance to Philippines, India, Nepal etc. is very easy using these apps. Therefore, use these and go cashless.