Understanding the Ins and Outs of Order Management System

For companies that do heavy order entry and processing, order management system software has a crucial role to play. We live in a digital world where electronic commerce and catalogers have taken over the way we do things. This makes it possible for customers and businesses to place and receive orders respectively. At the same time, pricing and offers are also possible through catalogs and websites. For more information about order management software, go to this site.

Modules of an order management software

If an order management software is to implement its purpose, it must consist of several modules such as product information. This takes care of small issues such as qualities, locations, attributes, and description. ATP is also an important module that stands for available inventory and sourcing. Receiving, purchasing and vendors also consist of these modules. Customer and prospects also fall under this category. More modules include financial processing, order processing as well as marketing. These three have sub genres as follows. Financial processing consists of payment on account, billing and credit cards. As for order processing, it includes shipping, packing, picking, printing, and selection. Marketing could not be complete without pricing, promotions, and catalogs. Customer service and order entry is the last module of order management. This takes care of refunds and returns.

Business domains

Order management software will differ from one industry to the other. This means that there are several business domains that include telecom, retail, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals as well as automotive and financial services. However, it is important to put in mind that the order management system must go through an illustrious process before getting the required results. For instance, you have to begin at capture and then proceed to validation. The next step is fraud check which is then followed by payment authorization. After these processes are complete, you proceed to sourcing that takes care of border management. The software has a workflow capability meaning that the processes must flow in line.

Use of this software in financial security

Order management is very crucial when it comes to handling orders in securities. The software generally uses a protocol that is referred to as the FIX protocol. This results in a term in the financial markets for the OMS known as trade order management systems. This system is very crucial in the buy and sells side. All that differs with these two sides is the functionality. In portfolio management, OMS is very crucial. In this area, it can be classified into four categories that include tactic asset allocation, discretionary, tracking as well as re-balancing.

Choosing the right system for you

When you decide to embark on investing in an order management system, there are some considerations that you make. For instance, settle for a system with features that only suit your business. The system can be diverse meaning that you can spend a lot of time and money training your employees.


This article offers an insight of an order management system. The article discusses the various modules available in the market. The article concludes by helping you choose the right system for your company.