Stop DDoS Attacks and Prevent Customer Loss

In the recent few years, many companies have fallen victim to numerous attacks. Ransomware, advanced viruses, and distributed denial of service attacks have cost these companies countless customers. Business owners that are tired of losing customers to these kinds of senseless acts need to take action to make sure customers remain satisfied and won’t go to the competition for the services they want. to combat these attacks, a powerful and robust cyber security solution is needed. To understand how this kind of protection works, it’s important to understand these threats.

Malicious software is a serious issue that any company has to face. These kinds of attacks can come from anywhere. Experts have shown that viruses and spyware can come from activities as simple as opening an email or playing a video. With powerful enterprise-class security software, most any kind of malicious software can be stopped in its tracks. Malicious software can cause problems such as damaged or lost data, DDoS Attacks, or unusable storage mediums.

Hackers are the most serious kinds of threats. Unlike software that’s only programmed to take certain actions, hackers can adapt to the situation and find ways around most any kind of security. Most software won’t stop hackers, so real-time monitoring is necessary. This kind of protection can catch hackers in the act and detect security gaps that can later be closed to prevent the same attack from happening again. In most cases, hackers find ways into the system through network security holes. Firewalls and real-time monitoring are the best way to prevent these kinds of security holes from being exploited.

Ransomware has become a very serious issue for businesses and private institutions. Not long ago, a police department fell victim to ransomware. Criminal records and other vital data was completely locked and inaccessible to authorized users. By having a robust backup and restoration plan, these issues can be solved relatively quickly. Also, any data that may have been lost in the attack will be restored. There are only a few ways to stop ransomware from attacking a computer system, but only a backup and restoration plan can help get the company up and running once again after an attack.