New York’s Real Estate Diversity & What To Expect

Whether it’s New York City or the remaining areas of the state of New York, some of the most diverse real estate can be found here. With just over 8 million residents, this is the nation’s largest and most populous city. The Big Apple is known for having a wide range of buildings, homes and businesses, which can be found in all of the five boroughs. Since the city is so densely compact, you won’t see too many homes with large front yards and sprawling back yards. The abundance of total space is why the city is as big as it actually is, but the lack of space within the city limits is why it’s as crammed as it is. Lets take a closure look at some of the area’s diversity in real estate.

If you’ve ever been to New York City, then you’ve probably noticed all of the brownstone houses. Brownstones can be found all over the city in the neighborhoods of Cobble Hill, Windsor Terrace, Sunset Park and Bedford-Stuyvesant. Being so classical in design, brownstones can vary by distinct locations, and they can cost several millions of dollars. Brownstones’ architecture is generally steep-staircases, stoops and multi-levels Tevfik Arif Doyen. Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood is located just north of historic Harlem. This Uptown neighborhood is full of green spaces, brownstones and huge apartment buildings. This is one of the most hilly areas in the city, and Washington heights has a huge Dominican population. For those who are into buying and selling real estate, this is the place to be. Washington Heights has up to 137 apartments that are for sale as well as more than 170 apartments for rent. This is one of the most revived and historic neighborhoods in the city. Some of the most recent listed apartments that are for sale ranges between $300,000 – $900,000.

Staten Island, better known as Richmond, has just over 102 square-miles of land area. Unlike the other boroughs of New York City, Staten Island has wide open spaces and parks. If you were to travel through the area, then you’ll get a first-hand viewing of its diverse types of real estate. Staten Island homes have plenty of Dutch influence, 19th century influence as well as historic Cobblestone homes. Real estate in this neck of the woods provide plenty of medium to large sized yards. The area also has an abundance of Traditional, Colonial, Dutch Colonial and Mid-Century modern houses.

When travelling outside of the city, the diversity of real estate and the diversity of people tends to change. Upstate New York has a totally different vibe as life is much slower here as well as less complicated to some degree. Real Estate in this neck of the woods include Colonial homes with massive chimneys to Modern Traditional homes with huge front yards. Depending on the size of the home, the prices vary at a dramatic rate. The remaining locations of Syracuse, Albany and Buffalo’s residential real estate comes in Cape Code homes, in American Bungalow homes and in Mid-Century homes. No matter the budget, the state of New York really does have something for everyone.