How to use different types of industrial shelving

Not all industrial shelving is created equal. Follow our guide for the best way to use each type of shelving unit, and you’ll be ready to rack and roll in no time.

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Plastic fantastic

Plastic shelving might be weaker than metal alternatives, but it’s usually strong enough to handle most industrial uses. The real benefits of plastic shelving come through its flexibility. You’re far more likely to be able to find modular plastic shelving to suit your needs and fit into more confined spaces. It’s also easier to take apart and rebuild somewhere else when needed. Plastic also comes into its own during food preparation. It doesn’t mind the cold, so it can be used in freezers without the risk of freezer burn, and it is easy to clean and disinfect. For the same reasons, it’s also useful for storing hazardous chemicals that might corrode metal units.

Sadly, the dangers of storing food on unsuitable industrial shelving in Ireland were made all too clear in a tragic case a few years ago.

Wire for the win

Wire shelving combines an attractive appearance with a sturdy and easy-to-access frame that can be put to a wide variety of uses. Many retailers will use wire shelves to hold products in a front-of-house setting because they don’t have the industrial connotations of steel shelving and are going to stand up to wear and tear longer than plastic equivalents. They are also often used in post rooms, where items need to be picked up and replaced quickly, because it’s easy to see what’s stored in them. This type of shelving is perhaps the most widely available when you look at the range offered by suppliers like

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Steel the show

If you need storage and security all in one, you’ll want to invest in steel shelves. Like their wire cousins, they can hold an impressive amount of weight, but they also provide additional safety benefits. Although the metal bookcase appearance might not be to everyone’s taste, they are better at keeping items separate, and many units have lockable doors, making them better for storing valuables or personal equipment such as hard hats. If you need to store items that have to be separated, such as chemicals, it makes sense to opt for steel shelves.