Effects of Cannabis Users

  1. Loss of control

One of the most well-known cannabis effects in the wider community is that cannabis can cause a person to lose control, causing hallucinations, amnesia, increased sensation. Therefore the ingredients of these drugs are illegal in our country, because of course very dangerous especially those who usually consume narcotics is the young who is the hope of the nation in the future.

  1. Lung problems

Users of marijuana usually have lung problems especially breathing, by consuming marijuana 3-4 marijuana butts as dangerous as consuming cigarettes 20 butts. In addition to respiratory problems will appear various other problems in the lungs. Even marijuana is more at risk of causing lung disorders than cigarettes in Steady health.

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  1. Addiction

Marijuana has a high content of addictive substances that can cause dependence and the danger is that marijuana users from day to day will consume more cannabis because of dependence, therefore can cause various negative effects to overdose.

  1. Mental illness

This one effect is a continuation of the previous effect of losing control, due to excessive use of marijuana this effect will appear. The flower will gradually lose control of himself at some point the user will be completely unable to control himself and experience mental disorders.

  1. Disturbing the production system

Through the research process is known that marijuana makes the hormone testosterone therefore can reduce the number of sperm, and the effect is a decrease in male vitality or can also sterile.

  1. Increased criminality

Many may ask what the crime relates to cannabis, I explain marijuana makes people dependence for people who do not have a lot of money would be trying to get money and buy marijuana. At certain times where the user has been heavily dependent on cannabis then he does whatever it takes to get marijuana even in a criminal way though.