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5 Things to Remember When Hiring an Experienced Electrician

Selecting a reliable electrician is the first step when you need electrical services for your business or home. This will reduce the risk of hiring an untrained or unqualified electrician whose work puts you, your family, your workers or property at risk. Even when an electrical job seems easy to handle on your own, there is always a risk involved. From doing wiring for renovation projects, installing and fixing flickering lighting systems, serving malfunctioning electrical appliances to fixing broken circuit breakers, the right electrician will do a thorough job. Here are five things to remember when hiring one.

Search for electricians with the highest qualifications and check to see they are fully licensed. Most states or individual counties and cities require electrical contractors to be licensed and certified. Never assume that every electrical expert you talk to is qualified, so always ask for qualification documents before hiring their services. There is a difference between electricians who handle simple home electrical problems and those that handle large and complicated projects in commercial and industrial installations. Check for recognized certifications and ensure that they also carry liability insurance and are registered with relevant electrical governing bodies.

Browse through electrician reviews online and request for client references. Expect a well-established electrical contractor to provide several client references you can ask questions and get opinions about the electrical services offered. Getting references that you can personally talk to helps you get genuine opinions about the electrician’s type of work and customer service. Read comments, testimonials and look for any feedback, positive or negative on their websites or elsewhere online. Check their customer and expert ratings from service rating sites so that you can get an idea of what services to expect. Select an electrical contractor with the most impressive feedback from many happy clients.

Get at least two or three quotes from your list of qualified electricians. Some electricians will first give you an estimate of the potential work to be done, but it’s advisable that you be clear about what services you need and ensure that they analyze the work to be done before charging you. A quality quote should include details of the electrical job, items needed and their costs, completion date and time, fees and costs charged and the payment agreement including the schedule. Having this in writing before any work begins is vital so as to avoid misunderstandings down the line.

It’s good to be prepared before the electrician arrives so as to avoid inconveniences. These steps are vital when you are working with an electrical contractor who charges hourly service fees. Write down everything you want to be done and ensure access to the electrical panel box is easily. Clear the working areas of any appliances, furniture or other items that may hinder the electrician’s work. Avoid choosing the cheapest electrical contractor that you come across. What you want is an electrician who is highly experienced, reliable and licensed to offer services in your area at an affordable cost.
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